Antioxidant Water

The Element of Water is essential to life, without it life as we know it doesn’t exist. However as important as it is we tend to take it for granted. Unknown too many is that adequate intake and the quality of water is a major cause of most diseases. Kangen water provides the means to reverse the disease epidemic trend that affects people today.

Kangen Means "Return to Origin"

Because this beautiful world of ours has been polluted and soiled with human waste, the human body has not been able to reach optimal growth potential. Medical studies have long recognized the devastating effects of high levels of acidity in our bodies.

What is Kangen Water?

Kangen Water has a pH of 2.5-11.5 which would then make this water acid or an alkaline. Kangen waters pH level tests have also shown a negative ORP (oxidizing reduction potential) rating.

Kangen water is perhaps the most effective anti-oxidant and its negative ORP rating further proves that hypothesis. Anti-oxidants can help balance out some of these acids and restore the body to equilibrium or its original state as it should be, where we can all grow and flourish.