My Mission

As a health and wellness professional, I believe people’s health and well-being reach beyond the boundary of their skin and ultimately affect the health of the planet. When we wholeheart-edly commit to taking quality care of ourselves, the overall well-being of the planet also im-proves. My intention is to assist my clients in developing the holistic healing lifestyles that suit them the most.

Therapeutic massages are an essential part of that. I provide flexible-hour services either at my studio or via mobile method, travelling to the client’s home or office.

My Journey

  • Beginning in 1992, I attended the Boston Shi-atsu School in Massachusetts. The world-renown Shiatsu mentor, Kikuko Zutrau Miya-zaki taught me there the means of developing energetic touch.
  • To solidify my professional practice, I was honored to work at her clinic and gain invalu-able bodywork experiences in the next three exciting years.
  • Later, I studied other massage modalities at the Muscular Therapy Institute of Cambridge, Massachusetts.
  • Also while living in Massachusetts, I devel-oped an interest in eastern philosophies, which grew into a continuing occupation, intricately embedded in my life.


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What Clients are Saying

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"Whenever I see [Adil] and let him know what area of my body hurts, or which muscles are sore, or where I'm feeling tense, he is able to work through the problems, and I feel relaxed and peaceful afterwards."
Michelle H.
"I had one Shiatsu session with Adil. Immedi-ately as he began massaging all the knots out and applying pressure to the sides of my neck, I felt instant relief. At the end of my appoint-ment I was able to move my neck freely again and my vertigo went away! I felt overjoyed because I had been suffering for a whole week before I got proper care. He really helped me and I know next time I would definitely seek therapy from Adil again!"
"Adil was my first massage and I was shocked at how he [found] all the right spots without knowing about my dance or movement background. When I shared this with him afterwards he stated "It's amazing how the body talks"-and he proved just that to me! I can't wait to get back."
Patrick H.