Kangen Antioxidant Water

The Element of Water is essential to life, without it life as we know it doesn’t exist. However as important as it is we tend to take it for granted.

PEMF Swissbionic

Magnetic resonance stimulation offers whole-body stimulation of the immune, metabolic, neurological, endocrine, circulatory and musculoskeletal systems.

New Earth

To live fully means to live healthy—healthy in body, mind, and spirit. Enjoy a powerful line of whole wild superfoods.


A product by LifeVantage, you can finally evolve from supplements to biohacking to enjoy greater health and wellness.

Adil’s Book

These poems are based on common-sense advice for challenging times. Adil Panton’s Claim Your Happiness: Practical Poetry for Life, Love & Self will help you navigate life during periods of adversity.

What Clients are Saying

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"Whenever I see [Adil] and let him know what area of my body hurts, or which muscles are sore, or where I'm feeling tense, he is able to work through the problems, and I feel relaxed and peaceful afterwards."
Michelle H.
"I had one Shiatsu session with Adil. Immedi-ately as he began massaging all the knots out and applying pressure to the sides of my neck, I felt instant relief. At the end of my appoint-ment I was able to move my neck freely again and my vertigo went away! I felt overjoyed because I had been suffering for a whole week before I got proper care. He really helped me and I know next time I would definitely seek therapy from Adil again!"
"Adil was my first massage and I was shocked at how he [found] all the right spots without knowing about my dance or movement background. When I shared this with him afterwards he stated "It's amazing how the body talks"-and he proved just that to me! I can't wait to get back."
Patrick H.